Revealed: The Biggest Social Media Quirks

Social media gets a lot of my time and attention. I admit that I enjoy using it more than the average bear. But, that’s okay because, for many people, it provides a great way to kick back and relax and get socialization and entertainment without leaving the house. I am in that group of people and when I am home, I am usually on social networking sites. As much time as I spend on the sites, I am well-qualified to talk about the biggest quirks that I experience on sites like Facebook and Instagram.

One thing that I really dislike is the inability to contact support. At best you will find a few FAQ and a community answers section. However, sending an email or otherwise reaching out to support is null on social media. It’d be nice to contact someone because it could prevent bullying and many other problems.

I suppose that would be a task none of the social media sites could handle billions of users every single day.

I dislike the fact that some people can gain followers on Instagram by doing nothing at all, while others (such as myself) struggle to find them at all. I did buy followers to help and it’s benefited me greatly. But, I’d still love to know the insider’s secrets to gain followers on Instagram by just opening an account.

That must be nice.

Facebook, what’s up with the wave? I manage to hit the save button every time I pull up messenger and frankly, I am tired of waving at all of my friends as much as they’re tired of the wave notification in their inbox. Tell me, exactly what purpose does this serve and what about it am I supposed to like?

To each his own. I just don’t understand how anyone would like that feature.

It isn’t social media’s fault, but seeing everyone post their life story on social media is also a bit troublesome to me. I guess that happens when you are a private, quiet person. But, why people want to share intimate details, moments, fights, and every other detail of their life with everyone, publically, where it is never truly gone again, baffles me.

It is a new generation of outspoken, I will do what I want to do the type of people around every corner.

Those who go on tirades on these sites are also a bit disturbing. I guess the word scroll is a foreign language to some people. Internet trolls also put a damper on the day and I wouldn’t mind losing their presence.

Hey, we can all wish for great things to happen, can’t we? Maybe, just maybe, one day it will happen.

Now that I’ve gotten out my gripes, I feel better. There is so much I love about social networking, obviously, or I wouldn’t spend so much time there. But sometimes it feels good to get it out and these issues definitely irritate me terribly. What is it about social media that grinds your gears?

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